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About us

Empower your trading with a partnership built on transparency, respect, and fairness.

From Traders To Traders. Future of Prop Trading.

Company Benefits

Audacity Capital is a world-renowned Proprietary trading firm. Since 2012, we have backed traders in over 140 countries. We have gained a formidable reputation for funding traders who show potential in Forex trading, guiding and supporting them to better monetize their talent. As a people’s firm, we are focused on developing a long-term relationship with our traders by providing them with the best environment to prosper and perform.


A financial industry where companies and traders are truly aligned for mutual benefit. To give all skilful traders a fair opportunity to reach success in an environment where there is no conflict of interest, and full transparency.

Covered markets
Positive Feedback
Accounts funded per week

Our Amazing Team

Karim Yousfi

Chief Executive Officer

Claudia Aria

Chief Risk Officer

Phoebe Kher

Administrative Manager

Marc Davin

Chief Commercial Officer

Our more than 350 other staff members are also available to assist you.


We believe in an innovative and straightforward funding approach, that users will enjoy more than anywhere else in the industry; while offering the best support.

We offer a portion of our revenues to Talent Hunters who work with us to recruit great traders, and we reward them from first purchase of the trader.

We aim to offer the best experience in the prop trading industry with top-notch technology and unique funding programs. Stand beside a product you can be proud to promote.

The Forex industry is full of over-complicated and outdated solutions for education and funding opportunities. We want to provide you with the tools you need as an AUDACITY Talent Hunter to create an extra revenue stream and make Talent Hunting a career option for anyone interested in recruiting talented traders with AUDACITY!

Questions about our offers? Let's talk.

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